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Lighting (brightness / color monitor)

Brightness detection sensors including illuminance sensors are used for dimming and automatic operation of lights according to their surroundings, as well as for dimming backlights of LCDs. Hamamatsu offers a wide variety products, including phototransistors that simply detect when surroundings have become dark, illuminance sensors with a spectral response close to human eye sensitivity, as well as color sensors and spectroscopic sensors suitable for applications such as measuring both brightness and color temperature.

Recommended products

Object to be detected Applicable products Features
Illuminance sensor Phototransistor An analog output sensor that amplifies and outputs the electric current generated by incident light
Photo IC diode An analog output sensor with spectral response close to human eye sensitivity
Light-to-frequency converter photo IC A digital output sensor that converts illuminance into frequency
Color Color sensor RGB color sensor A sensor containing a 3-channel photodiode sensitive to blue, green, and red light, all in one package
Spectrum sensor Mini-spectrometer
Micro series
An ultra-compact spectroscope head with an integrated image sensor and optical system
Applicable to handy spectrophotometers for monitoring color rendering, etc.

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