Baggage inspection Baggage inspection

Baggage, cargo, and container inspection

As the security checks of baggage, cargo and others are now a common practice; our society is becoming increasingly concerned about our safety and security. Situations requiring high levels of security are becoming diversified – security screening at airports, and inspection of cargo transported via airplanes or ocean vessels, for example. The non-destructive X-ray that can inspect internal objects is an indispensable technology today. Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. offers a variety of detectors designed for non-destructive inline X-ray inspection, including photo diode arrays and X-ray line scan cameras. These X-ray detectors are utilized in various applications from baggage inspection and mail screening, to cargo and container inspection.

Recommended products

One package containing multiple silicon photodiodes of the same size, at an equal spacing. Suitable for a wide range of applications such as laser beam position detection and spectrophotometry.

The X-ray line scan camera features high sensitivity and low noise, enabling non-destructive inline X-ray inspection at high speed. Specifications, including detection width and resolution, can be customized according to your purposes.

The dual energy X-ray line scan camera is used to sort inspection objects by differences in material properties. It can inspect objects that are difficult to analyze by the regular X-ray line scan cameras.

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