21st IUPAB Congress 2024 (IUPAB2024)

Event Information

Event Name 21st IUPAB Congress 2024 (IUPAB2024)
Schedule June 24, 2024 - June 28, 2024
Venue Kyoto International Conference Center
Official site https://www.c-linkage.co.jp/iupab2024-bsj-kyoto/

BP Seminar 8

・Date: Wed. 26 June, 2024 12:35~13:35

・Venue: Kyoto International Conference Center  2F  Room B-1


Nanoscale Quantum Biosensors: Imaging Techniques for Measurement


In this lecture, I will present our research on utilizing fluorescent nanodiamonds and the Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) center for quantum sensing in life sciences. We'll explore how these technologies enhance our ability to measure and analyze biological phenomena at the nanoscale, opening new avenues for advanced biological research and medical applications.


〇 Speaker: Ryuji Igarashi

Institute for Quantum Life Science, National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology




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