Si photodiode S12915 Series - Successor to S2387 series

We have released the Si photodiode S12915 series for general photometry in the visible range to the infrared region.
The price, shape and pin layout are the same as the widely used S2387 series. We improved on its characteristics and achieved high sensitivity, low dark current and high moisture resistance.
We recommend the S12915 series for customers who have previously used the S2387 series.



Spectral response

Dark current vs. Reverse voltage(example)

*Comparison data between the S2387 is shown on the S12915 product webpage.

Product lineup

Type no. Photosensitive area size (mm) Spectral response range (nm)


1.1 × 5.9 340 ~ 1100


2.4 × 2.4 340 ~ 1100


5.8 × 5.8 340 ~ 1100


10 × 10 340 ~ 1100