Offering world class UV sensitivity and UV resistance

A new type of image sensor combining TDI-CCD and CMOS readout circuits

TDI-CCD image sensors S14810/S14813

Hamamatsu has developed an image sensor that combines the advantages of TDI-CCD, which can ensure adequate brightness for images even during high-speed imaging, with the merits of a CMOS readout circuit for high-speed line rate and digital output.

While conventional TDI-CCD image sensors are capable of high sensitivity, high speed imaging, the fact that they use analog output makes it necessary for the customer to add a signal processing circuit. Our newly developed S14810 and S14813 use a CMOS readout circuit for digital output, simplifying design of external circuits and making the products easier to use.

We also offer custom designs, such as increasing the number of TDI-CCD pixels, or increasing the number of columns for column parallel readout in order to improve the line rate.

Specifications of S14810/S14813

Structure / Stacked CCD-CMOS

World class UV sensitivity and UV resistance

In the S14813, we use photosensitive area technology cultivated at Hamamatsu over the years to realize world class UV sensitivity and UV resistance. Because the TDI method captures images of objects moving at high speed, the level of light incident on the device is generally low, so it must have higher sensitivity.

We also offer the S14810, which is more affordable than the S14813, when the UV sensitivity is not required and the level of light incident on the device is sufficient.

TDI operation

TDI (time delay integration) is a special readout method for CCD. In CCD, signal charges in each line are vertically transferred during charge readout. By synchronizing this transfer timing with the moment of the object, it is capable of integrating exposures equal to the number of vertical stages of the CCD pixels. This method is called TDI, and it is capable of imaging moving objects at high speed and high sensitivity.

Type no. NEW S14810 NEW S14813



Type Front-illuminated type Back-thinned type
Pixel size (H × V)
12 × 12 μm
Number of effective pixels (H × V)
1024 × 128 pixels
Fill factor
FW × 100 min.
Vertical clock
2 phases (Bi-directional)
Window material Broslicate glass Quartz glass

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