Hamamatsu received patent rights for "Lightsheet Readout Mode" technology, which provides optimal imaging with light sheet microscopes.

  • HAMAMATSU Photonics K.K. System Division Sales Promotion Department

Hamamatsu, as a leading company of cameras in life science fields, develops, manufactures, and sells sCMOS/qCMOS cameras. We developed the “Lightsheet Readout Mode” for providing an optimal imaging by utilizing a rolling shutter function, which is characterized in sCMOS/qCMOS cameras, applying our knowledge and experience accumulated through the development and sales of cameras. This developed technology has been patented in various countries, such as the USA , UK, Germany, Japan and China (see the patent list below). These patents include technologies to easily acquire high S/N pictures unaffected by scattered light with a method of setting a value for line scan speed (rolling shutter speed) referring to or synchronizing with a pre-selected scanning speed of the illumination light. By using these patents of ours, our sCMOS/qCMOS cameras are able to achieve the requirements of our customers even closer.

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Related Patents(As of December 2021)

Country Status Patent No.
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UK Patented

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Deutschland Patented DE112014006152, DE112014000240, DE112014000195.3
United States Patented US10142566, US9423601, US10362245, US10602087
China Patented ZL201480002237.1, ZL201810113454.8, ZL201810113455.2

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