Newly added two types products to our TOF sensor series,
Contributes to monitoring situations that requires consideration for privacy

Distance image sensor S16443-01WT, S16444-01WT

Security cameras are intended to capture images of suspicious persons and activities, so they must be able to capture high resolution images.

However, in situations such as “status monitoring” of the number of people who pass through ticket gates or automatic doors, or “safety monitoring” of elderly people or children in bedrooms or bathrooms, consideration must be made for privacy, so there is demand for low resolution monitoring of the presence or movement of people and things.

We have now added two distance image sensor products (128×8 pixels, 320×20 pixels) and a dedicated ASIC to our lineup of products that can be used in such situations.

A distance image sensor measures the distance to objects, and it can image the silhouette of the object from the distance information it acquires.

[ Features ]

・Prepared 2 types of different number of pixels (128 × 8 pixels, 320 × 20 pixels)

・Higher sensitivity in the near infrared region (compared to previous products)

・Improved tolerance to background light (compared to previous products)

・Compact chip size package (CSP) type

Distance image sensors                      S16443-01WT, S16444-01WT

Image example                           (distance detection to people by using S16443-01WT)


Traffic/congestion monitoring

Obstacle detection

Shape recognition

Touchless interface

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Showing imaging examples in assumed situations such as people counter, gesture detection and safety monitoring by using 128 × 8 pixels sensor.


Part no. NEW S16443-01WT NEW S16444-01WT S15452-01WT S15453-01WT S15454-01WT
Photo s16443-01wt s16444-01wt s15452-01wt s15453-01wt s15454-01wt
Type Area sensor Linear sensor Area sensor
Number of effective pixels 128 × 8 320 × 20 64 256 96 × 72
Pixel pitch (µm) 20 (H), 201.5 (V) 20 50
Image size (mm) 2.56 × 1.612 6.4 × 4.03 1.28 × 0.05 5.12 × 0.05 4.8 × 3.6
Spectral response range (nm) 500 to 1100

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