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X-ray TDI camera

Measurement examples | X-ray TDI cameras


Inspection of a solder's back fillet

If the back fillet of the solder on a PCB has a defect, a connection error will occur even with small vibrations. Forobservation of the back fillet part, X-ray transmission technique has been applied but only with an off-line system.
Our X-ray TDI camera realizes in-line inspection because it can acquire high speed profile data with high sensitivity. 3D brightness level can be displayed using software.

X線TDIカメラ 撮像例



Image example of X-ray TDI camera



Lithium-ion battery inspection

In case of 2D sensor, the dimensional measurement cannot 2D sensor be implemented correctly because the image is distorted on the corner areas of the X-ray irradiation. The long length sample needs to be located on center of X-ray light source,so the sample has to be relocated each time.
X-ray TDI camera can capture the image with no distortion by line scan method, so it is not necessary to relocate the samples and it enables the continuous inspection for long length object without stopping.

Image example of X-ray TDI camera



Image example of X-ray TDI camera



Void inspection of BGAs (Ball Grid Array)

X-ray TDI camera can inspect the samples easily by high speed scan with narrow irradiate area. S/N ratio is one of advantage and low X-ray radiation is enough to inspect the void existence. Furthermore it contribute to make a smaller size of system by reducing a lot of X-ray irradiation.

Image example of X-ray TDI camera



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