VUV light source unit


The L12542 is a newly developed electrostatic charge remover that makes use of VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) light. Due to its wide irradiation angle about 3 times larger than our current VUV light source, the L12542 efficiently removes electrostatic charges over large areas in depressurized or vacuum environments. Up until now two or more VUV light sources were needed to neutralize electrostatic charges in large areas due to their limited irradiation angle. The L12542 solves this problem and efficiently neutralizes large areas in a vacuum.

Features and applications


  • Large irradiation (neutralizing) area
  • Highly efficient ion generation in a vacuum
  • No air flow needed
  • No overshoot (generates no oppositepolarity static charges)
  • No dust and electromagnetic noise emissions
  • Long life


  • Dechucking of electrostatic chucks
  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (vacuum process)
  • LCD manufacturing equipment
  • Organic EL manufacturing equipment
  • Hard disk manufacturing equipment
  • Film manufacturing equipment

Electrostatic charge removal effect

Neutralization time vs. distance



Neutralization time vs. vacuum level




General ratings

Parameter Description / Value Unit
Spectral distribution 115 to 400 nm
Window material MgF2
Cooling method Forced air cooling by fan
Operating temperature range +10 to +40
Storage temperature range 0 to +60
Operating humidity range Below 80 % (no condensation)
Storage humidity range Below 85 % (no condensation)

Recommended operating conditions and characteristics (at 25 ℃)

Parameter Description / Value Unit
Warm-up time 25±5 s
Light source guaranteed life 2000 h
Input voltage (AC) 100 V to 240 V (100 V/200 V auto switching), single phase 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption (Max.) 90 VA

①End of life is defined as the time when light output at 230 nm falls below 50 % of its initial value. Note that the light output attenuation depends greatly on the environment of the vacuum equipment.
* When replacing the light source, please specify the type No. L12565.

Spectral distribution



Directivity (Light distribution)



Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

Light source (Weight: Approx. 530 g)

Power supply (Weight: Approx. 1.8 kg)

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