Laser Heating System


Laser heating system that consists of an optimum light source (SPOLD® LD irradiation light source), fiber and lens for thermal curing of adhesives.Number of process can be reduced by heating and curing the bond part directly with a laser or indirectly by heat conduction. It also allows for highly flexible process design, such as jig-free and manpower saving during complete curing.

Advantages of thermal curing of adhesives

*Sample courtesy: ADEKA CORPORATION

Flexible product design possible

Unlike UV adhesives, thermosetting adhesives do not require direct laser irradiation to the adhesive. The adhesive can be cured by heat conduction by heating the surrounding area. It enables a variety of bonding that are difficult with UV adhesives, such as small area where light is hard to reach, backside of materials and black adhesives.

Process improvement

The use of fast curing adhesives that match to the characteristics of laser, which can be heated at high speed, eliminates the need for a heating furnace and can be expected to save a significant amount of energy. In addition, the heating furnace is a batch process and it is difficult to adjust the production volume, but the use of a laser enables a serial process and production adjustment becomes easier. Even for general thermosetting adhesives that do not cure quickly, the use of temporary curing by laser eliminates the jig and the time and man-hours required to set the workpiece in the jig.


Automotive display

  • Bonding of LCD panel and body case

Smartphones and smart watches

  • Bonding of LCD panel and body case

General home appliances

  • Bonding of components with dissimilar materials


Parameter Specification
L16480-112 L16480-344
Main laser light
(at maximum current setting)
Radiant power 9 W (min.) ≧70 W
Oscillation type CW
Peak emission wavelength 915 nm ± 20 nm 940 nm ± 20 nm
Red guide light
(ato maximum current setting)
Radiant power < 0.001 W
Peak emission wavelength 650 nm ± 50 nm
Dimensions (W x H x D) Approx. 280 mm × Approx. 170mm × Approx. 300 mm
Approx. 360 mm × Approx. 230mm × Approx. 360 mm (excluding protrusions) 
Weight 8 kg 17 kg
Fiber length Approx. 5 m (length excluding fiber inside of the laser light source: approx. 4.5 m)
Spot size φ0.8 mm to φ6.4 mm

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