Adapter block

A10030-01, -02

The A10030 series is an adapter block for connecting a PMT module to each block. The A10030 series adapter blocks have M4 and M3 screw holes for securing to an optical bench or optical stage.


Type No. Effective beam size Weight
A10030-01 φ8 mm Approx. 18 g
A10030-02 φ12 mm*

* When connected to other optical blocks, their effective optical path diameters take precedence.

Compatible PMT modules

A10030-01 H10720/ H10721/ H10722/ H10723/ H11900/ H11901/ H11902/ H11903/ H11526/ H11706/ H12056/ H10682/ H11890/ H12386/ H14600/ H14601
A10030-02 H7826/ H7827/ H7828/ H12775

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)



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