Fiber adapter block

A10037, -01, -10, -11

Optical fiber cables with FC or SMA connectors can be connected to the blocks in the A10037 series.
The lens assembled in the block collimates the light spread from the optical fiber.
The A10037/A10037-01 is suitable for use in the visible region (400 nm to 700 nm) and the A10037-10/A10037-11 for use in the UV region (200 nm to 400 nm).


Type No. Recommended wavelength Connecter Focal length Weight
A10037 Visible FC 10 mm Approx. 17 g
A10037-01 SMA
A10037-10 UV FC
A10037-11 SMA

Transmittance (Typ.)

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

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