Beam aligner block


This block is for using an infinity-corrected objective lens to guide laser light into an optical fiber with an attached FC connector or to collimate and transmit the beam from a fiber-optic cable.
The block has two micrometers for positioning the optical fiber along the X and Y axes and an additional micrometer at the bottom for fine adjustments along the Z axis.
This block has a cover around the objective lens and an additional cover for the entire block that further increases its light shielding capability. There are two M3 screw holes in the bottom of the block for holding.


Type No. Travels Optical fiber connector Compatible objective lens Weight
XY-axis Z-axis
A10760 ±1 mm 3 mm FC Infinity-corrected objective lens M20.32 × P0.706
Outer size: 30 mm or less Length: 35 mm or less
Parfocal distance: 45 mm
Approx. 420 g

*Use an infinity-corrected lens as the objective lens.
Supplied: Hex wrench S3.0

Using examples

Dimensional outlines

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