Pinhole block


The A11027 is a holder block for mounting a pinhole. The screws can be used to adjust the pinhole's position in the XY directions. The built-in lens collimates the light that passes through the pinhole and converges the light on a photodetector.
There is a base attached to the holder block through the M3 screw holes in the bottom of the block. If necessary, this base can be removed and re-attached to the side of the block.


Type No. Applicable pinhole mount size XY axis range of motion Adjustment screw pitch Focal length Weight
A11027 Size: 16 mm
Thickness: 1.58 mm to 1.6 mm
±1.2 0.25 mm 15 mm Approx. 180 g
(including the base)

* Supplied: Screw ring tool and hex wrench S2.5

Transmittance (Typ.)

Extended example of microscope

Connecting the A11027 pinhole block to the C-mount port of a microscope configures a confocal optical system. Light passing through the pinhole is collimated by the lens in the block and is efficiently guided to the PMT module.

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

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