C-mount interchangeable filter block

A11213, -01

These C-mount threaded optical blocks are for installing commercial optical filters and lenses with 25 mm diameters. You can use it with the A11214 C-mount interchangeable dichroic block to measure fluorescence or perform other tasks.
Because this block enables angle adjustment, it is also useful as a spacer between C-mounts and as a connection adapter.


Type No. Effective beam size Compatible filter size Weight
A11213 φ20 mm Size: 24 mm to 26 mm ( 25 mm to 25.4 mm recommended)
Thickness: 5 mm (Max.) (2 mm to 5 mm recommended)
Approx. 29 g
A11213-01 Approx. 30 g

* Supplied: Hex wrench S1.5

Connection example

Single wavelength detection

Only light at a specific wavelength passes through the optical filter assembled in the block and is detected by the PMT module.

Fiber-optic single wavelength detection

Light emitted and spread from the optical fiber cable is collimated by the lens in the A10037 series fiber adapter block and is efficiently guided to the PMT module.

Dimensional outlines (Unit: mm)

A11213 (Male–Male type)

A11213-01 (Male–Female Type)

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