Distance linear image sensor


NIR-enhanced type
measures the distance to an object by TOF (Time-Of-Flight) method


The distance image sensor is designed to measure the distance to an object by TOF method. When used in combination with a pulse modulated light source, this sensor outputs phase difference information on the timing that the light is emitted and received. Distance data can be obtained by performing calculation on the output signal with an external signal processing circuit or on a PC. We provide an evaluation kit for this product. Contact us for detailed information.

-High sensitivity in the near infrared region
-Improved tolerance to background light
-Compact chip size package (CSP) type


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Type NIR-enhanced type
Image size 5.12 x 0.05 mm
Number of effective pixels 256
Pixel pitch 20 μm
Pixel height 50 μm
Spectral response 500 to 1100 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 800 nm
Video data rate 5 MHz
Note Typ., Ta=25 ℃, Vdd(A)=Vdd(D)=3.3 V, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

Related product

ASIC for distance image sensor H15472-01

The H15472-01 is an ASIC for distance area/linear image sensors. There are built-in circuits (driver circuit, A/D converter), etc. for I/O of distance image sensors. It outputs data in such a format as to be directly connected to a microcontroller. It helps to make devices smaller and lighter compared to the case where a general-purpose IC is used.

- 3.3 V power supply operation
- Built-in 12-bit A/D converter (× 2 ports)
- Output timing signals for sensor and light source
- I2C interface
- Digital output

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