Profile sensor


Outputs the incident position coordinate data of light spot,
built-in center-of-gravity calculation circuit


The S15366-512 is a profile sensor with a center-of-gravity calculation circuit for detecting the incident position of the light spot. In the photosensitive area arranged two-dimensionally, the photosensitive area for the X-direction projection data is connected in one vertical row, and the photosensitive area for the Y-direction projection data is connected in one horizontal row using metal wiring. The sum of outputs of the photosensitive area is obtained for each line in the X and Y directions. Projection data can be obtained by obtaining the data of all lines in order. Since the data size of the projection data is small, position detection and moving object detection can be performed faster than normal area image sensors. The center-of-gravity calculation circuit is built-in, so the center-of-gravity calculation result of light spot is output. It also has a built-in light spot automatic tracking mode.

- Sensor for acquiring 2D light spot position coordinates
- Built-in center-of-gravity calculation circuit
 Directly outputs the center-of-gravity position coordinates
- Effective photosensitive area, number of pixels:
 4 × 4 mm, 512 + 512 pixels 
- High-speed frame rate:
 1602 frames/s max. (512 + 512 pixels)
 83333 frames/s max. (2 + 2 pixels)
- Single 3.3 V power supply operation
- Global shutter readout
- Enables partial readout and binning readout
- Equipped with an automatic tracking mode


Type number





Number of pixels 512 + 512 256 + 256
Pixel pitch 7.8 μm 7.8 μm
Pixel size 7.8 × 3993.6 μm 7.8 × 1996.8 μm
Photosensitive area 3.9936 × 3.9936 mm 7.8 × 1996.8 μm
Frame rate max. 1602 frames/s 3156 frames/s
Supply voltage 3.3 V 3.3 V
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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