Profile sensor


High-speed frame rate sensor capable of acquiring two-dimensional projection data

The profile sensor S9132 is a high-performance CMOS area sensor particularly intended to acquire projection data. A projection profile in the X and Y directions has very small amounts of data compared to normal area sensors and therefore allows high-speed position detection and moving object detection. The S9132 also has advantages over convensional 2D PSDs (Position Sensitive Detectors) that the output linearity is improved, multiple light spots can be detected and external circuits are simplifi ed. A timing generator, bias voltage generator and 10-bit AD converter circuits are all integrated on the same chip, allowing operations with a very simple external driver circuit and external signal processing circuit.

- Sensor for acquiring 2D projection data
- High-speed frame rate
- Low power consumption
- Digital video output
- 10-bit/8-bit switchable ADC

Number of pixels 256 + 256
Pixel pitch 7.8 μm
Pixel size 7.8 × 1.9968 μm
Photosensitive area 1.9968 × 1.9968 mm
Frame rate max. 3200 frames/s (8-bit), 1600 frames/s (10-bit)
Supply voltage 5.0 V
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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