Signal processing unit for PSD module


Specifically dedicated for PSD modules


C10460-01 is a signal processing unit specifically design to convert the output from a PSD module C10443 series (except for the C10443-06) into position signals. Position signals are output as both analog and digital signals. In case of analog output, connecting the output connector to a voltmeter shows an output voltage that directly represents the position information (The output voltage indicates a position from the center of the PSD, 1 V=1 mm). While, digital output allows serial connection (RS-232C) to a PC. Position information can be easily loaded into a PC via the sample software that comes with the unit.

-Both analog and digital outputs
  Analog output: Output voltage directly represents the position information
  Digital output: High-resolution digital output (16-bit)
-Single +12 V supply voltage operation
-Supplies power to PSD modules


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)

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