Electron multiplier tube


Thickness : 6 mm, Can be stacked side-by-side, For Multi-collector Mass Spectrometry

Dynode Stages 18
Dynode Structure Linear focused
Dynode Material Cu-BeO
Input Aperture Diameter 8 x 1 mm
Supply Voltage 1800 V
Gain Typ. 1.0 x 107
Rise Time Typ. 3.5 ns
Anode to All Other Electrode Capacitance 4 pF
[Max. Rating] Anode to First Dynode Voltage 2500 V
[Max. Rating] Anode to Last Dynode Voltage 350 V
[Max. Rating] Average Anode Current 10 μA
[Max. Rating] Operating Vacuum Level 1 x 10-2 Pa

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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