Image intensifier unit


C14245-23213 is an image intensifier unit that can increase the incident light by several thousand to several million times. When connected to a camera, it enables observation of high-speed phenomena and weak luminescence phenomena.


Product Name AC 100 to 240 V
Measurement Wavelength Visible region to to NIR
Gate Time 5 ns
Gate Maximum Repetition Frequency 30 kHz
Photocathode GaAs
Spectral Response (Short) 370 nm
Spectral Response (Long) 920 nm
Spectral Response (Peak) 0.3
[I.I. unit] Input Area Φ25
[I.I. unit] Output Area 50 ns
[I.I. unit] Phosphor Screen Output Window P43 / FOP
Stages of MCP 2
[I.I. unit] Luminous Gain Typ. 9.6 x 106 (lm/m2)/lx
[I.I. unit] EBI Radiant Typ. Visible to near IR range
[I.I. unit] Limiting Resolution Typ. 51 Lp/mm
PC Control 1500 μA/lm
Power Supply 100 V to 240 V
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 ℃ ~ +40 ℃
Operating Ambient Humidity Below 70 %

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