Counting unit


The C8855-01 is a counting unit with a USB interface and can be used as a photon counter when combined with a photon counting head, etc. The counter of the C8855-01 has two counter circuits (double counter method) capable of counting input signals with no dead time. Since the C8855-01 is hot-swap compatible (plug and play compatible), it helps you set up measurement environment quickly. You can start measurement on the day the C8855-01 is delivered by the sample software.


USB Interface

Sample Software Bundled

Accurate Measurement with No Dead Time

Double Counter Method

Power Supply for Photon Counting Head

Output Voltage and Current: +5 V / 200 mA

Multiple Units (Max. 16) Can be Operated from a Single PC


Parameter Description / Value
Input Number of input signals 1 ch
Signal input level CMOS positive logic (high level: 2 V min.)
Signal pulse width 8 ns or longer
Input impedance 50 Ω
Counter Counter method Double counter method
Max. count rate 50 MHz
Max. counter capacity 232counts / counter gate
Counter gate Counter gate mode Internal counter gate only
Internal counter gate time (*1) 50 µs to 10 s (1, 2, 5 step)
Trigger Trigger method Software / External trigger
External trigger signal TTL negative logic
ID switch (*2) 0 to F (hexadecimal number)
General output section Open collector / 2 bits
Voltage output for photon counting head +5 V / 200 mA Max.
OS Windows® 8.1/10 Pro
Interface USB
Supply voltage Supplied by USB bus power (*4)
+7 V / 400 mA Max. (supplied from AC adapter)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 120 mm × 30 mm × 96 mm (Excluding the projection and the cable)
Weight 250 g
Operating ambient temperature / Humidity (*3) +5 °C to +45 °C / Below 80 %
Storage temperature / Humidity (*3) 0 °C to +50 °C / Below 85 %
CE marking Conforms to IEC61326-1 GROUP 1, CLASS B
AC adapter Input AC 100 V to AC 240 V
Output +7 V / 1.6 A

*1 The C8855-01 is not suitable for applications requiring time resolution higher than 50 µs.
*2 The ID switch is used to set ID numbers when two or more C8855-01 units are connected to single PC.
*3 No condensation.
*4 When using the general-purpose output section or the constant voltage output for the photon counting head, supply from the supplied AC adapter.
Supplied: CD-ROM (containing instruction manual, device driver, DLL, sample software*, etc.) USB cable, AC adapter, AC cable, power output connector
*: Sample software is configured from Lab VIEW™ of National Instruments, Inc.

Block diagram



Dimensional outline (Unit mm)



Connection example





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