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The C13247 is an energy differentiation type radiation line sensor designed for an efficient, non-invasive detection of pipe corrosion in industrial plants such as oil, gas and petrochemical refineries. The C13247 ensures high accuracy that never seen up till now and reliable inspections of pipe corrosion.
In conventional visual and ultrasonic inspections, the heat insulator materials must be removed from around the pipes. This also requires the time and the cost of installing scaffolds to remove and rewrap the heat insulator materials. Other techniques that utilize conventional radiation inspection or neutron moisture measurement have the problem of being easily affected by scattered radiation which makes accurate measurement difficult.
The C13247 energy-discriminating radiation line sensor solves all of these problems to successfully capture sharp, clear inspection images.

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No need to remove the heat insulator materials

Reduces a lot of time and cost by making automated inspections

No need to stop ongoing pipe operation

Allows quantitative measurement of pipe wall thickness

Eliminates scattered radiation

Imaging examples

Pipe corrosion inspection with X-rays

Pipe corrosion inspection with gamma-rays


Parameter Description / Value Unit
Detection method Direct radiation detection by semiconductor in photon counting mode -
Number of detector pixels 64 -
Detector pixel pitch 3.3 mm
Detection width 211 mm
Energy measurement range*1 50 to 500 keV
Number of energy thresholds 3 (Settable at any point within energy measurement range) -
Maximum count rate per channel *1 0.5x106 S-1
Integration time per line 50 to 4095 ms
Counter 16 bit
Interface Ethernet(LAN) -
Output*2 Count(16 bit) -
Data output format CSV, Excel -
External start trigger TTL -
Support OS Windows 10(64 bit) -
Input voltage*3 DC 15 V(Supplied AC adapter: 100 to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz) -
Operating ambient temperature 0 to +40
Storage ambient temperature -10 to +50
Operating and storage ambient humidity 30 to 80(no condensation) %
Weight Sensor unit 4.5 kg
Power supply trigger box 2.5 kg
Switch box 1.8 kg

*1 Depends on measurement photon energy and conditions.
*2 Number of radiation photons discriminated by the 3 comparators (energy threshold) for each semiconductor element.
*3 Can use a portable 12 V DC battery.

Internal configuration diagram

Connection diagram

Dimensional outline (Unit mm)

Sensor unit

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