UV power meter

C10427 H10428

Hamamatsu offers a new optical power meter designed to measure absolute power of UV light. This optical power meter has a flat spectral response over a wide UV wavelength range and so can measure the optical power in the spectral response range independent of the spectral emission distribution of light sources.


  • Flat spectral response over a wide UV range
  • Wide light-receiving angle close to cos θ
  • Sensor head even thinner than our current models
  • Calibration certificate attached
  • Ideal for monitoring / controlling light source power for photocatalyst
  • With carrying case


  • Black Light
  • UV LED
  • Ultraviolet Rays (UV-A)


Parameter Controller: C10427, Sensor Head: H10428 Unit
Spectral Response Range 310 to 380 nm
Effective Sensor Diameter φ10 nm
Measurement Range 0.001 to 100 (measuring range switching : 4-stage) mW/cm2
Measurement Mode Continuous Displays every 0.5 seconds -
Integration Displays value integrated for a certain time
(settable from 1 to 9999 seconds in 1 second steps)
Peak Hold Displays peak value during measurement -
Temperature Measures sensor temperature (sensor is mounted in head) -
Analog Output 0 to +2 (*1) V
External Interface USB2.0 / RS-232C -
Power Requirement AC adapter or two AAA battery (*2) -
Weight Controller + sensor head Approx. 170 (including two AAA battery) g
Controller + connection cable + sensor head Approx. 300 (including two AAA battery) g
Operating ambient temperature / humidity 0 °C to +40 °C / 80 % or less -
Storage ambient temperature / humidity -20 °C to +50 °C / 80 % or less -


*1:The +2 V is corresponded to the maximum input light power value at the measuring range.

*2:AAA battery must be prepared by the user.

Supplied: Sensor head connection cable, USB cable, RS-232C cable, analog output cable, AC adapter, AC cable, carrying case

Sensor characteristics

Relative Spectral Response Characteristic of Detector (Typ.)

Detector Sensitivity vs. Incident Light Angle (Typ.)

Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

Controller + Sensor Head

Controller + Cable + Sensor Head

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