Time-resolved absorption spectrum analysis system

Picosecond system

The time-resolved absorption spectrum analysis system is a device to perform transient absorption spectrum measurements in extremely short time. This system enables to analyze the formation and decay process of a reactive intermediate in a photoreaction in solutions, solids, membranes, etc are possible. By using the streak camera as the detector and performing multiple-wavelengths time-resolved measurements with a single shot, time-resolved absorption spectra and transient absorption time-resolved spectral images can be measured simultaneously, and you can obtain images of irreversible phenomenon. The newly developed High dynamic range streak camera C13410 is employed as the detector. Minute transient absorption changes can also be measured in a high dynamic range with high S/N.

《Picosecond system》Time resolution: 90 ps, Measurement time range: 0.5 ns to 20 ns.


System namePicosecond mode-lock YAG laser
Temporal resolution<70 ps
Measurement time range0.5 ns to 20 ns
White light sourceXe lamp Breakdown
Measurement OD value0.005 (for single shot, 0.02 or less)
Simultaneous observation wavelength width (W) and wavelength resolution (Δλ)100 gr/mm: W=510 nm Δλ <3.0 nm
150 gr/mm: W=340 nm Δλ <2.0 nm
300 gr/mm: W=170 nm Δλ <1.0 nm
600 gr/mm: W=85 nm Δλ <0.5 nm
Measurement wavelength range250 nm to 750 nm
Number of channelsTime axis: 1016 ch
Wavelength axis: 1344 ch


C13410-01A dimensional outline

c11119-04 dimensional outline

C13440-20CU camera head dimensional outline

C13406-01 dimensional outline

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