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Quantaurus-QY Plus UV-NIR absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer

Quantaurus-QY® Plus (UV-NIR absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer C13534-11,-12) is designed to measure photoluminescence quantum yield using the absolute method, instantaneously.
Two types have been made available, C13534-11 (300 nm to 950 nm) and C13534-12 (400 nm to 1100 nm), according to the measurement wavelength region. Additionally, easily extended functions using newly designed options allows measurements to be made in the near-infrared region up to 1650 nm, at high sensitivity (evaluation of low quantum yield), and for upconversion emissions.

Quantum yield measurement in near-infrared

Quantaurus-QY Plus for NIR

Low quantum yield measurement of 1 % or lower

Quantaurus-QY Plus for High-sensitivity

Quantum yield measurement for upconversion emission materials

Quantaurus-QY Plus for Upconversion


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