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Multiband plasma-process monitor



The Multiband plasma-process monitor C10346-01 is a system specifically designed for monitoring the optical plasma emissions that are created during the various manufacturing processes of semiconductors including etching, sputtering, cleaning, and CVD. The MPM can handle multichannel recording in real-time.

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Type number C10346-01
Wavelength range 200 nm to 950 nm
Wavelength accuracy ±0.75 nm
Wavelength resolution (FWHM) <2 nm
Power supply AC100 V to AC240 V (50 Hz/60 Hz)
Power consumption Approx. 70 VA
Digital output terminal (Determinate signal output) TTL maximum 5 channels (3 channels maximum when measurement trigger signal is used
Digital input terminal (starting measurement trigger signal) TTL 1 channel Using TTL 5 channel
Digital output terminal (Busy signal) TTL 1 channel Using TTL 4 channel
Analog output terminal 2 channels 0 V to 10 V
Fiber probe connector SMA
Communicate interface USB 2.0 Type B
Ambient operating temperature +10 ˚C to +30 ˚C


C10346-01 dimensional outline

Optical fiber probe dimensional outline

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