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Photodiode module



Integrates photodiode for precision photometry with low-noise amp (Photosensitive area: Φ1 mm)

The C10439 series photodiode modules are high-precision photodetector that integrates a photodiode and a current-to-voltage amplifier. The output from the photodiode module is an analog voltage and can be easily checked with a voltmeter, etc. Since their sensitivity is switchable between two ranges (High/Low), highly accurate output can be obtained by selecting the proper sensitivity range that matches the light level to be detected.

-Built-in InGaAs Photodiode
-Photosensitive area: Φ1 mm
-Voltage output for easy handling
-Two-range (High/Low) switching function
-Compact: half size of a business card
-Can be mounted on optical bench rod (M4)

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Photosensitive area Φ1 mm
Spectral response range 500 to 1700 nm
Peak sensitivity wavelength 1550 nm
Output Analog
Conversion impedance Low range: 1 × 104 V/A
High range: 1 × 106 V/A
Cutoff frequency Low range: 100000 Hz
High range: 1000 Hz
Supply voltage ±5 to ±12 V
Measurement condition Ta=25 ℃, Vcc=±12 V, unless otherwise noted

Spectral response


Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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