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Optics module



Absorbance measurement module with built-in photodiode array, optical elements, current-to-voltage converter, etc.

The C13398 series is an optics module for absorbance measurement featuring high blocking performance (OD>4) and low noise. It is composed of Si photodiodes, beam splitters, filters, and current-to-voltage conversion circuit. The C13398-01 can detect 10 wavelengths of light simultaneously. In combination with the dedicated evaluation circuit C13390 (sold separately), the analog output signals of each channel of the C13398 series can be converted into digital signals, and the results can be acquired into the PC.

- Simultaneous detection of 10 wavelengths
- Voltage output: Easy handling
- Compact: 89 (W) × 26 (H) × 38 (D) mm (2/3 the business card size)
- Can be mounted on optical rod (M4)
- High blocking characteristics

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