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Quantaurus-QY Plus UV-NIR absolute PL quantum yield spectrometer



C13534-11 is designed to measure the instantaneous absolute value of emission quantum yield using the photoluminescence method. (300 nm to 950 nm) . Additionally, easily extended functions using newly designed options allows measurements to be made in the near-infrared up to 1650 nm, at high sensitivity (evaluation of low quantum yield), and of upconverted emissions.

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Type number C13534-11
PL measurement wavelength range 300 nm to 950 nm
Monochromatic light source:Light source 150 W xenon light source
   :Excitation wavelength 250 nm to 850 nm
   :Bandwidth 10 nm or less (FWHM)
   :Excitation wavelength control Automatic control
Multichannel spectroscope:Photo-detector BT-CCD linear image sensor
   :Measurement wavelength range 200 nm to 950 nm
   :Wavelength resolution < 2 nm
   :Number of photosensitive device channels 1024 ch
   :Device cooling temperature -15 ˚C
   :AD resolution 16 bit
   :Spectroscope optical arrangement Czerny-Turner type
Integrating sphere:Material Spectralon
   :Size 3.3 inch


c13534-11,-12 dimensional outline

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