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Counting unit



The C8855-01 is a counting unit with a USB interface and can be used as a photon counter when combined with a photon counting head, etc. The counter of the C8855-01 has two counter circuits (double counter method) capable of counting input signals with no dead time. Since the C8855-01 is hot-swap compatible (plug and play compatible), it helps you set up measurement environment quickly. You can start measurement on the day the C8855-01 is delivered by the sample software.

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USB Interface

Sample Software Bundled

Accurate Measurement with No Dead Time

Double Counter Method

Power Supply for Photon Counting Head

Output Voltage and Current: +5 V / 200 mA

Multiple Units (Max. 16) Can be Operated from a Single PC


Block diagram

Dimensional outline (Unit mm)

Connection example

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