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MCP (microchannel plate)



Stable operation even at high pressure of 1 Pa
Next-generation ion detector ideal for miniature portable mass spectrometers

The F14844 is an MCP assembly with a unique triode structure*1 designed to vary the potential gradient and to suppress ion feedback*2 noise. This makes the F14844 a useful tool for portable desktop mass spectrometers in which it is difficult to install a large vacuum pumping system. The F14844 is a breakthrough ion detector that allows downsizing and cost reduction of the equipment.
*1: Structure consisting of three electrodes which are the MCP-out, mesh anode, and dynode.
*2: Ion feedback is the cause of unstable operation that occurs under low vacuum conditions

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Shape Circular
Anode Variation Single
Stage of MCP 2
Assembly Outer Diameter Dia.32 mm
MCP Effective Area Dia.14.5 mm
Vacuum Flange Mount Not available
Notes Compact, High pressure operation: up to 1 Pa, High gain: 1x106 or more, Long life: 3 C/cm2 or more

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