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Photosensor module



The H9305 series photosensor modules contain a high-voltage power supply circuit and a 13 mm (1/2") diameter side-on photomultiplier tube in a compact aluminum housing. The 13-mm (1/2") side-on photomultiplier tube has a reflection mode photocathode that delivers high quantum efficiency at wavelengths above 600 nm, an adequate gain of up to 10e(7) and fast time response. High S/N ratio can be obtained even when measuring extremely low level light at high speeds. The H9305 series uses a Cockcroft-Walton circuit with low power consumption. Flexible cables are used for easy installation in equipment.

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Photocathode Area Shape Square
Photocathode Area Size 3.7 x 13.0 mm
Wavelength (Short) 185 nm
Wavelength (Long) 900 nm
Wavelength (Peak) 450 nm
Dimension (W x H x D) 19.0 x 53.2 x 50.8 mm
Input Voltage +11.5 to +15.5 V
Max. Input Voltage 18 V
Max. Input Current 7 mA
Max. Output Signal Current 10 μA
Max. Control Voltage 1.2 V
Recommended Control Voltage Adjustment Range +0.25 to +1.0 V
[Cathode] Luminous Sensitivity Min. 350 μA/lm
[Cathode] Luminous Sensitivity Typ. 500 μA/lm
[Cathode] Blue Sensitivity Index (CS 5-58) Typ. -
[Cathode] Red/White Ratio Typ. 0.4
[Cathode] Radiant Sensitivity Typ. 105 mA/W
[Anode] Luminous Sensitivity Min 1000 A/lm
[Anode] Luminous Sensitivity Typ. 2000 A/lm
[Anode] Radiant Sensitivity Typ. 4.2 x 105 A/W
[Anode] Dark Current (after 30min.) Typ. 2 nA
[Anode] Dark Current (after 30min.) Max. 10 nA
[Time Response] Rise Time Typ. 1.4 ns
Ripple Noise (peak to peak) Max. 0.5 mV
Settling Time Max. 10 s
Operating Ambient Temperature +5 to +50 ℃
Storage Temperature -20 to +50 ℃
Weight 110 g

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