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Stabilized light sources for PMT



LED light sources mainly designed for adjusting the sensitivity of PMT(photomultiplier tubes) and PMT modules. The L11494 series is a plate type designed to be placed on a sample stage. It contains a photodiode to monitor and control the LED emission intensity so that they constantly output stable light of approximately 1 pW.

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Parameter L11494-430 L11494-470 L11494-525 L11494-660 Unit
Peak emission wavelength 428 465 522 660 nm
Spectral half width 65 26 35 30 nm
Light emission power High: 1±0.5, Low: 0.01±0.005 *1 pW
Emission area φ7.0 mm
Emission stability (0 °C to +50 °C) ±2 Max. %
Battery Button battery SR41 or equivalent -
Battery service life Min. 10 24 h
Operating ambient temperature / humidity *2 0 °C to +50 °C / below 85 % -
Storage temperature / humidity *2 -20 °C to +60 °C / below 85 % -
Weight 23 g

*1 Adjusted by using an 8 mm effective diameter photon counting head placed in direct contact with the L11494.
*2 No condensation

Internal diagram





Emission spectrum





Dimensional outline (Unit mm)



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