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Super luminescent diode (SLD)



Offering both the high brightness of LDs and low coherence of LEDs, SLDs work as a high-brightness light source Which compensates for the weakness of LDs such as coherent noise. They are used for optical applied measurements and medical imaging.

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Type number L11607-04
Radiant flux 30 mW
Operating temperature - 10 to + 50 ℃
Storage temperature - 20 to + 80 ℃
Center emission wavelength min. 855 nm
Center emission wavelength typ. 875 nm
Center emission wavelength max. 895 nm
Operating current typ. 0.11 A
Spectral radiation half bandwidth typ. 10 nm
Operating voltage typ. 1.8 V
Emitting width 5 μm
Beam spread angle _parallel typ. 10 °
Beam spread angle _vertical typ. 35 °
Coherent length 28 μm
Package dia. 9.0CD

Radiant Output Power vs. Forward Current (Type)

l11607-04 Radiant Output Power vs. Forward Current(Typ)

Typical Emission Spectrum

l11607-04 Typical Emission Spectrum

Dimensional outline (unit: mm)


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