semiconductor failure analysis semiconductor failure analysis

Semiconductor Failure Analysis

The number of electronic control units integrated in automobiles increases continuously, and more and more semiconductor devices will be integrated in those electronic control units. These devices need to have high reliability.  In order to assure high reliability, automotive chip makers need to find any defects in semiconductor devices or electronic parts by screening.


Defects, faults, errors and failures in semiconductors

Carmakers require “zero defect” automotive components. Semiconductors are originally made based on the assumption that defective products occur in mass production. For this reason, the reliability of semiconductors is maintained by screening. As zero defects are required of automobile components, the possibility of faults is reduced by increasing the level of screening. However, strict screening tests lead to significant costs.



Workflow of Semiconductor Failure Analysis

Hamamatsu has a portfolio of PHEMOS-X emission microscopes and iPHEMOS-MPX inverted emission microscopes. These systems can perform various types of electrical failure analysis, such as photo emission analysis, thermal emission analysis, IR-OBIRCH analysis, etc. Automotive chip makers are able to narrow down the suspicious defect portion for physical failure analysis. This workflow can assure the robustness of semiconductor devices.


Recommended Products

Wafer process

The iPHEMOS-MPX inverted emission microscope is a semiconductor failure analysis system designed to identify failure locations by detecting the light and heat emitted from the defects in semiconductor devices. Taking advantage of its inverted type design, the iPHEMOS-MPX enables backside analysis of semiconductor devices while allowing multi-pin needle probing of 300 mm wafers.

Inverted emission microscope for analyzing semiconductor wafers from the backside. A direct docking dedicated prober enables multi-pin needle attachment to 300 mm wafers, and with the additional option, it is possible to perform package analysis as well as pin-needle attachment by a manipulator.

Assembly and testing process

The PHEMOS-X is a high-resolution emission microscope that pinpoints failure locations in semiconductor devices by detecting the weak light emissions and heat emissions caused by semiconductor device defects. The PHEMOS-X supports a wide variety of tasks and applications, from socket boards to a wafer prober.

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