Color measurement Color measurement

Color measurement

Color measurement using spectrometer

Humans perceive light as colors, whether it is emitted, reflected, or transmitted. Spectral photometry is a device for measuring the intensity of wavelength specific to each color. Spectrometers disperse light in various wavelengths using dispersive elements such as gratings (diffractive elements). The dispersed light is then detected by image sensors and other devices. Our spectrometers are used in a wide range of applications, including LEDs, displays, and evaluation of food, drugs, films, and filters.

Application examples

Color measurement (e.g., LED light source)

Display color measurement

Color monitoring for printers and printing machines

Measurement examples

Object color measurement

Light source measurement

Recommended products

Mini-spectrometer micro series

The size of a fingertip, these mini-spectrometers and have ultra-compact spectrometer heads. Both models are optimized for integration into mobile devices.


Measurement example (Video)/ Color measurement

Mini-spectrometer TF series

This mini-spectrometer series offers high sensitivity yet is compact and thin. It is suitable for integration into measuring equipment and is operated by USB bus power.

Stand-alone spectrometers designed for professional use. They are equipped with functions for measuring spectral reflectivity, transmittance, and absorption rate. The wavelength axis and spectral sensitivity have been calibrated. Simple and accurate spectrometry is available with options, such as sample holders and more.

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