X-ray computed radiography (CR) X-ray computed radiography (CR)

Computed radiography (CR)

Computed Radiography (CR) is a digital imaging and diagnosis technology that uses a special fluorescence plate called “photostimulable phosphor” instead of the conventional X-ray films to process X-ray images in a short time with high sensitivity.

When an X-ray is irradiated to the plate, electrons generated in the plate are accumulated. A laser beam then scans (excites) the image formed on the phosphor plate, causing visible light to be emitted according to the amount of accumulated X-rays. A photomultiplier tube is then used to convert this weak visible light into electrical signals, which are then digitally processed to reconstruct an image.

X-ray image acquisition using photostimulable phosphor plate

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PMTs for CR

These PMTs have high sensitivity at the phosphor's emission wavelength.

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