Blood test_biochemical Blood test_biochemical

Blood test (immunological test)

Immunological tests detect minute substances in blood using antigen-antibody reactions. They are used to diagnose various diseases such as cancer and infection.

The chemiluminescent method (currently the mainstream method) measures substances under test by measuring with a high-sensitivity PMT the extremely faint light generated by adding antibodies, enzymes, and reagents to the antigen (blood specimen).

Example of chemiluminescence measurement

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The lineup includes photon counting heads of various effective photosensitive areas, spectral response ranges, and package sizes. There are also types that contain a cooler, gate function, counter, USB interface, etc.

The Immunochromato Reader (Lateral flow reader) makes rapid, high sensitivity, quantitative measurements of color intensities for red, blue and fluorescence based immunochromatographic lateral flow reagents.

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