Optical fiber communications (Plastic fiber)

Optical fiber communication using plastic optical fiber (POF) is used for communication between devices and within devices and equipments in fields such as factory automation, consumer electronics, automotive, and medical.

POF communication has the features of being "less susceptible to external noise," "resistant to bending," "lightweight," and "inexpensive," and in recent years, high-speed, large-capacity, and high-quality data communication is becoming more and more common.

Hamamatsu offers transmitter/receiver photo ICs for POF communications that support a wide variety of transmission speeds.

Recommended products

  DC to 1 Mbps
to 10 Mbps to 50 Mbps
to 150 Mbps
to 1.25 Gbps

Transmitter photo IC
L12422-01SR, L12557-01SR      
L10881 *1  
  L11354-02 *2  

Receiver photo IC
S13174-01SR, S12423-01SR      
  S8046 *3    
  S7727 *4, S11355-04 *2  

Optical tranceiver

*1: Red LED (not incorporating IC)

*2: 4 to 150 Mbps

*3: 4 to 50 Mbps

*4: 4 to 156 Mbps

Configuration example of optical communication using POF

The transmitter photo IC combines a red LED and a drive IC. The receiver photo IC is a monolithic integration of a photodiode and signal processing circuit. 

General optical link

Optical link using optical tranceivers

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