Direct diode lasers (DDL)

DDL is a laser heating light source that efficiency transmits and focuses laser from the LD stack module and directly irradiates the materials. Since DDL dose not use optical fiber, it is an energy-saving light source with little transmission loss due to complicated optical systems.
DDL can be used for a variety of applications including for heat processing such as welding, hardening and cladding as well as pumping of solid-state lasers. 

Type number Radiant power Cooling Accessories
L11585-02 2.0 kW Water cooling(20 ℃) Laser focusing unit, protection glass unit
L11585-04 4.0 kW
L14133-025 2.5 kW Water cooling(25 ℃)
L14133-025N -
L14133-05 5.0 kW Laser focusing unit, protection glass unit
L14133-05N -

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