LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator)

LCOS-SLM are reflective spatial light phase modulators that freely modulates optical phases and optical phase of laser is modulated by the liquid crystal. Wavefront control of the light can be applied to optical beam photolithography, aberration correction.

Outline of LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator) and wavefront shaper

  LCOS-SLM (optical phase modulator) Wavefront shaper
Product features
  • Lineup for a wide range of wavelengths
  • Applicable to high-power lasers for processing (water-cooled type)
  • Controllable without PC (X15223 series only)
  • High reliability based on actual results of installation in semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • Integrated LCOS-SLM, optical elements, and electronic coolant units for easy handling
  • Software and development kit equipped with various functions such as minute two-dimensional marking and aberration correction are attached as standard.
  • Can construct a general-purpose optical system using a commercially available cage system
  • Power handling capability improved by using homogenizer (option)
Product composition
  • Optical system: reflective type
  • Cooling mechanism: water-cooled heat sink (water-cooled type only)
  • Optical system: pseudo-transmittance type
  • Cooling mechanism: electronic cooling (all series)
Series X15213 series for research and development applications
X15223 series for industrial applications
C15789 series for research and development applications
C16353 series for industrial applications

Products by application

Because the drive circuit and head section are built into the enclosure, they are easily arranged on an optical table, etc., making them ideal for research and development applications.

The LCOS-SLMs are compact and low-cost modulators designed to be installed in devices to allow easy application in industrial and similar fields.

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