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Applications | Wavefront shapers C15789 series


2D code marking

By using wavefront shaper together with short pulsed laser, you can make small workpieces marked finely at once.

・2D code marking on microelectronic devices


3D simultaneous multipoint laser beam processing

By creating multiple 3D points,  it is possible to process uneven materials and to simultaneously process multiple layers inside transparent materials.

・3D simultaneous multipoint laser beam generation inside glass


Simultaneous multipoint fine process using interference between multiple divergent light beam

By foucusing multiple branched laser beams using wavefront control technology, it is possible to simultaneously process multiple holes of wavelength order by multipoint luminous flux interference generated on the processed sample.

・Micro-periodic machining


Aberration correction

Wavefront shaper can correct the spherical aberrations that occurs when conducting internal processing for transparent materials. Simultaneous multipoint fine process using interference between multiple divergent light beam.

・Correction of spherical aberration


Optical vortex

Optical vortex can be generated with a spiral phase distribution mudulation by an LCOS-SLM


Optical manipulation

Microscopic object can be controlled precisely by optical pressure with wavefront control.


Repair / trimming

This method is effective for repairing LCD panels it can improve the processing efficiency compared with the conventional method that scans the focusing position multiple times.


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