NZConnect Serve Basic Web slide server software


NZConnect Serve Basic is the image distribution software that efficiently distributes large-volume whole slide images scanned by the NanoZoomer series via the Internet and/or Intranet. Access permission to the image database can be managed. 

It enables many people to access the database at the same time and supports a wide range of applications, such as remote viewing for educational and research purpose.

The standard version has a limit on the number of images that can be published (up to 100 images). The paid option allows for an unlimited number of image publications.

Distribution image diagaram

Access permission management for each user

NZConnect uses an ID/password-based login format.

The server administrator can set and manage passwords and access permission for each user/user group.

Register (publish) and download folders

Users can register and download files according to the permission they have been given.

You can register NDPI files (virtual slides), documents and jpeg files.

Special sites

The Whole Slide Imaging special site is the feature section for whole slide imaging fit to research and pathology.

Whole Slide Imaging

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