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Ion channels & transporters research and screening are areas that benefit the most from the FDSS kinetic plate imager’s high throughput feature. The FDSS can be equipped with 96-, 384- (FDSS/μCELL and FDSS-GX) and 1536- (FDSS-GX) manifold pipettors to add ligands / compounds into all wells simultaneously, and it images the whole plate so all wells are read at the same time, resulting in no time lag among wells while the reactions of cells occur. Ion channels are a class of transmembrane proteins that allow for certain ions to pass through the cell membrane (in and / or out of the cell). These proteins regulate cellular functions and are involved in the development of cardiovascular, neurologic, and metabolic disease solutions. Applications (and accompanying resources) include:

Related scientific material

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Application Notes
  • Please note that information in posters and presentations used in past conferences and symposiums may now be slightly different. As Hamamatsu are solely an equipment manufacturer, we are not responsible for measurement samples or data presented in these materials.

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