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Are LEDs suited for in-vehicle application available?

LEDs encapsulated in a package with a hermetically sealed cap are suited for use in high-temperature, high-humidity environments. Contact our sales office for information on which products are available with a hermetically sealed cap. Resin-potted packages are not suited for in-vehicle application due to their poor temperature cycle durability.

Can LED radiant flux be converted to radiant intensity or irradiance?

Radiant flux is the total amount of light emitted and integrated in all directions. On the other hand, radiant intensity and irradiance are measured in a small area along the optical axis and so are dependent on the light emitting directivity. This means that the LED radiant flux cannot be converted to radiant intensity and irradiance.

How do you determine the lifetime of LEDs?

The end of the life is the point when the light output falls to 50% of the initial value.

Lasers are classified according to their output power. Are LEDs classified as well?

No, LEDs are not classified like lasers are.

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