UV-LED light source (Spot irradiation) UV-LED light source (Spot irradiation)

LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L1V5: UV-LED spot light sources

Compact body enables installation into narrow space.

We came up with a unit that drives 4 heads but is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Unit can also be freely placed vertical or horizontal in just a tiny space, so it needs no special layout.


Compact and light weight

The palm-sized compact design enables flexible installation and setup even in a small space.

Low power consumption

Consumes about 1/2 the power of other companies' UV-LED light sources.

Supports communication control

Allows batch control with other devices by PC.

High stability

Our unique feedback function reduces drift at the initial stage of lighting, so that the light output fluctuation is within ±5 % from a point immediately after lighting.


UV curing

It is to cure the UV curable adhesives by irradiating UV light.

It improves throughput in the production process because it enables curing in a short time. Also, this is applicable to various field of applications such as industrial and medical for precision equipment as its low heat generation causes less damage.

Small parts (camera etc.)

LCD and organic LED

Medical instruments
(syringe etc.)

precision equipment
(hearing aid etc.)

UV printing / UV coating

It is to dry the UV ink or UV coating agent by irradiating UV light.

It improves throughput in the production process because it enables drying instantly with photopolymerization reaction. Compared to the conventional heat drying method, the cost can be reduced, and this is applicable to various objects such as paper, film, and wood.


Linear irradiation type LIGHTNINGCURE LC-L5G is also available.

It can be used for high speed transport that has been challenging for the UV-LED unit.


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