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Flow cells questions

Is it possible to change the flow cell specs such as flow channel size and wall thickness?

Yes, it is possible to customize the specs. Please contact us to discuss your specifications, applications, and requirements.

I need a 3D model for optical design. Can you provide it?

Yes, we can provide it.

Can you give us information on the basic optical properties of the flow cell glass such as transmittance?

Yes, that information is available.

I’d like to consult with you about a customization need. Do you require any information for the consultation?

It would make things easier to discuss if you could provide us with a simple drawing or figure for the customization.

Are flow cells made from material other than quartz glass available?

We are sorry but these are not available in other than quartz glass.

Flow cell assemblies questions

Can you fabricate a flow cell assembly using a flow cell with an AR lens or by processing black quartz?

It may be possible in some cases. Please contact us for details.

Is it possible to drill mounting holes in the plastic or metal parts of a flow cell assembly?

Yes, it is possible. Please consult with us about this.

Can I replace or remove an already assembled flow cell?

No, you can’t because the flow cell is assembled by using adhesives.

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