W-VIEW GEMINI-2C Image Splitting Optics


Dual channel optics are simple… in principle. In practice, designing a device that enables quick, stable alignment and delivers images with minimal distortions over a large field of view requires attention to detail. The W-VIEW GEMINI-2C gets the details right and more. Building on our imaging and optical experience, the W-VIEW GEMINI-2C is the first dual camera, dual channel system engineered with super resolution quality, while simultaneously offering versatility, expandability and ease of use. The W-VIEW GEMINI-2C turns a simple optical concept into an elegant and useful tool that can help maximize the information content of every image acquisition.


Custom Designed Lenses Optimized for Fluorescent Imaging

Using custom designed optics, our engineers fully optimized system performance, offering super resolution quality by minimizing point spread function (PSF) degradation, field curvature and wave front aberration

Wide Field of View (20 mm for standard imaging, 12 mm for diffraction-limited imaging)

Maintaining optical quality at the edges of the field demands extra care. The W-VIEW GEMINI-2C delivers excellent performance over the entire field of two ORCA-Flash4.0 sCMOS cameras and diffraction-limited performance within the center 12 mm diameter FOV.

Ultra-Low Distortion (0.05%), High Spatial Uniformity (98%), High Transmission (98 % @ 450 nm to 800 nm)

This unmatched level of optical performance delivers bright, even, chromatic aberration-corrected images to both cameras.

a12801-10 product feature1

Dual Channel x, y, z and Rotational Alignment

The W-VIEW GEMINI-2C makes alignment easy and stable. Included alignment software provides direct visual feedback when using Hamamatsu cameras. An optional grid chart fits directly into the primary imaging plane making it possible to align images in the absence of feedback at the sample position.

Standard Filters and (Dichroic) Beamsplitters

All filter and beamsplitter holders are designed to industry standard specifications, allowing researchers to freely choose their optical components.

Bypass and Camera Switching Mode

It’s easy to bypass all the optics of the W-VIEW GEMINI-2C, simply remove the filters and beamsplitter and insert the port covers. In addition, by using a 100 % mirror instead of a beamsplitter, the W-VIEW GEMINI-2C can be used to switch between two different cameras.

C-mount Compatibility

With input and output C-mounts, the W-VIEW GEMINI-2C is compatible with and easily attached to standard inverted microscopes.

Light path

a12801-10 Light path


  • Lightsheet, Single Molecule Imaging and Super Resolution Microscopy
  • Tri-Color and Quad-Color Imaging
  • Modular Design Supports Expansion into Engineered Point Spread Function Imaging
  • Enabling engineered PSF Imaging with the W-VIEW GEMINI-2C

Extended Focus Device (Optional)

Ask any microscopist how to improve image quality and they will recommend using a high NA objective. The trade-off for these optically beautiful images is depth of field. The Extended Focus Device, a new optional feature for our W-VIEW GEMINI-2C, efficiently extends your depth of field up to 5 times by using a simple optical filter.

For the details, please refer the document below.


Product numberA12801-10
StructureDual camera, parallel arrangement for inverted microscopes
Input mountC-mount, female
Output mountC-mount, male
Relay lens magnification1.0x
Relay lens focal length130 mm
Field of view*6φ20 mm
φ12 mm (Diffraction limitted)*3
Field of view, diffraction limited*7φ12 mm
Bypass modeYes
Transmittance wavelength range*1450 nm to 800 nm
Maximum transmittance (Typ.)*298 %
Dichroic mirror size25.1 x 35.5 to 26.1 x 38.1
Dichroic mirror thickness*80.9 mm to 3.1 mm
Band-pass and ND filter sizeφ25.4
Band-pass and ND filter tolerance+0 mm, -0.6 mm
Max thickness of band pass and ND filters*96 mm
Longitudinal chromatic aberration correcting mechanismYes
Lateral chromatic aberration correcting mechanismOptional
Mirror image inversionNo
X-Y position adjustmentYes
Rotational adjustmentYes
Distortion (typ.)*40.05 %
Lateral color shift (typ.)*4,56 μm
Uniformity (typ.)*398 %
Ambient operating temperature0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Ambient storage temperature-10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient operating and storage humidity70 %max. (With no condensation)

*1: When in bypass mode
*2: Peak wavelength in bypass mode
*3: Min/max difference of images obtained with and without W-VIEW GEMINI-2C optics ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 camera used for imaging
*4: Values calculated without objective lens
*5: Amount of peripheral position shift when aligned at center
*6: Vignetting may occur if used with relay or variable magnification lens
*7: Simulation value for 0.025 imaging side N.A. of objective lens
*8: Recommend 3 mm thick, high flatness on reflection side; typically called “imaging grade”
*9: Sum of bandpass and ND filters used


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