W-VIEW GEMINI Image Splitting Optics


The W-VIEW GEMINI is an image splitting optics which provides one pair of dual wavelength images separated by a dichroic mirror onto a single camera. Simultaneous image acquisition of dual wavelength images allows you high speed ratio metric imaging and other multiple fluorescence applications.


Signal from your sample can be hard to get don't waste it.

The W-VIEW GEMINI provides excellent transmittance across a broad range of wavelengths. Exceptional performance from 400 nm to 800 nm is enabled by our proprietary lens system. When used with "imaging grade" filters, the system is optimized for low light imaging.

a12801-01 product feature1

Use all the pixels you've purchased

The W-VIEW GEMINI is designed to take advantage of the wide field of view provided by sCMOS cameras. Up to 13 mm × 6.4 mm F.O.V. and resolution of up to approximately 2000 pixels × 1000 pixels for each image.

Choose your own filters

Because it is compatible with commercially available filters, the W-VIEW GEMINI allows for great wavelength flexibility. Choose the dichroic, bandpass and neutral density filters that work for your experimental question.

Always ready, but never in the way.

Our "Bypass mode" means that by simply removing the dichroic mirrors, the camera sees the image as though it was connected directly to the microscope. You can switch between standard imaging and dual wavelength imaging without having to reconfigure the camera or remove the W-VIEW GEMINI.

Chromatic aberration correction mechanism

The W-VIEW GEMINI has a correction lens unit in the long wavelength path and it can improve the magnification difference of two wavelength images caused by chromatic aberration. The right images show an example of the magnification difference caused by chromatic aberration is improved by the correction lens unit.

a12801-01 product feature

Symmetrically balanced design

Designed for stability on both inverted and upright microscopes, the W-VIEW GEMINI's C-mount connectors are placed along a linear axis. And with its compact form factor, it integrates smoothly on a wide range of research microscopes.

Fast and straight forward alignment

The W-VIEW GEMINI is designed to be easily adjusted when used with any camera. And, when using a Hamamatsu camera, the included "W-VIEW Adjustment" software makes the process even faster by simultaneously displaying and magnifying nine strategic points on the concentric chart (also included). This visual feedback lets the user dial in alignment quickly and accurately.

a12801-01 product feature3

Light path

a12801-01 Light path


Product numberA12801-01
Structure1 camera type, C-mount to C-mount linear structure, For Uplight / Inverted microscope
Input mountC-mount (female)
Output mountC-mount (male)
Relay lens magnification1.0
Field of view*113 mm × 6.4 mm (W-VIEW mode)
13 mm × 13 mm (Bypass mode)
ModeW-VIEW mode / Bypass mode*2
Transmittance wavelength range*3400 nm to 800 nm
Transmittance (Typ.)*497 %
Dichroic mirror*5 *6Compatible with 25.2 × 35.6
Bandpass filter*5 *6Compatible with φ25.4 fillter
ND filter*5 *6Compatible with φ25.4 fillter
Chromatic aberration correction mechanismCorrection lens unit*7*8*9
ApplicationFor fluorescence imaging with microscope
Ambient operating temperature0 ℃ to +40 ℃
Ambient operating humidity70 % max. (With no condensation)
Ambient storage temperature-10 ℃ to +50 ℃
Ambient storage humidity70 %max. (With no condensation)

*1:Vignetting may occur when used with a relay lens or variable magnification lens. Please check with your Hamamatsu representative to confirm this point before purchase.
*2:Mode in which dichroic mirror, etc. are removed from the light path and the image from the microscope is projected to the camera without alteration.
*3:All are values in the bypass mode.
*4:Value at peak wavelength in the bypass mode.
*5:Because dichroic mirror, band-pass filter and ND filter are not included with the W-VIEW GEMINI, they must be purchased separately. Use an "imaging grade" dichroic mirror and bandpass fillters. See "Dichroic mirror and Bandpass filter specifications". A set which includes one Dichroic holder (empty) and one Filter holder (empty) is included with the W-VIEW GEMINI. Additional sets can be purchased by ordering part number A12802-01.
*6:For the usable size, see “Size of dichroic mirror and filters”.
*7:This is to improve the magnification difference caused by a chromatic aberration. The position difference of two wavelength images caused by the distortion aberration is not improved.
*8:Since the FOCUS knob is designed to improve the axial chromatic aberration caused by this optics, its effect is very limited.
*9:Dual focal plane imaging is not possible.


Video tutorials

The following videos are intended to give an overview of the features of the W-VIEW GEMINI. An introduction is followed by sections on the light path, Bypass mode and finally instruction on how to pack the optic for shipping should you need to move it.

01 Introduction

02 How it Works and Strategic Advantages/p>

03 Bypass Mode Explained

04 Shipping Dos & Don’ts

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